The Broken Consort

Performance Year: 2016

The Broken Consort is an exuberant and experimental medieval ensemble with a story to tell. This American-based ensemble seeks to present original, adventurous, and passionate concert programs with an emphasis on rhetorical narrative. Every concert is an aural and sensual experience.

The Broken Consort employs current musicological research in tandem with ancient oral tradition practices to create fresh arrangements of medieval music, relating the past to our current human condition. Every program features a different vision, attitude and voice. Collaborators include dancers, theater directors, writers, audio artists, composers, musicologists and lighting designers. Current program offerings include music inspired by the correspondence between Genghis Khan and Pope Innocent IV; a program dramatizing the intricate and virtuosic music of the Trecento using shadow choreography; music representing the cultural diversity of the Iberian peninsula in the 13th century; and the evolution of music of the Americas.

The Broken Consort has performed for enthusiastic audiences across the United States, Mexico and Canada as presented by leading early music and chamber music series since its inception in 2010.

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